We are WellSpoken.

For too long, the wellness industry has been unregulated. No one has been scrutinising what is said and it has become difficult to know what is fact and what is fiction. We want to change this, because wellness matters.

WellSpoken is committed to leading high standards within the wellness industry and helping you find trustworthy health and wellness information.

Our robust accreditation and training has been created to uphold the credibility of this sector, ensuring consumers are provided with authentic, reliable, evidence-based health and wellness information.

About us


We work with wellness brands, bloggers, publishers and ambassadors to ensure they provide consumers with the highest level of credible, authentic, evidence-based information on fitness, nutrition and wellbeing.


WellSpoken provides authoritative advice, guidance and a Code of Practice for those seeking to uphold the credibility of the wellness industry. Once accredited you will receive bespoke training to support you with this.


The WellSpoken Mark is awarded to brands that are committed to providing trustworthy wellness information. Our assessment ensures that consumer content developed by brands meets a standard of excellence.

Why does credibility in wellness matter?

The WellSpoken certification aims to address and counter the pseudoscience that has become commonplace in the wellness industry. Our independent research shows that consumers are becoming increasingly doubtful of the validity of the claims made by wellness brands and ambassadors. It shouldn’t be so complicated for them.

If the wellness industry wants to thrive, it needs to change. Standards must improve. It has never been so important for wellness brands to demonstrate a meaningful commitment towards providing the public with authentic content. We’re here to help you do this.

This shift in attitudes means business as usual is no longer an option. It has never been more important for wellness brands to demonstrate a meaningful commitment towards providing the public with authentic content.
Sarah Greenidge, Founder of WellSpoken

Brand, publisher or influencer? Apply for accreditation today

What are the benefits of becoming certified?

Are you a wellness brand, blogger, publisher or ambassador that wants to show your commitment to providing consumers or readers with credible wellness content, products or services?

By earning our WellSpoken certification, you will:


Be a leading force in the revolution of the wellness industry, providing credible and trustworthy information.


Differentiate yourself from other brands in a saturated market by highlighting a commitment to credibility.


Build trust with consumers that put credibility as a ‘must’ when it comes to purchasing wellness products and services.


Protect your audience from inaccurate wellness information.

If you are a wellness brand, publisher or ambassador who cares about credibility, find out how to apply for the WellSpoken Mark here and join our growing community of trusted names.

Our services

We offer a complete range of services to support wellness brands and ambassadors deliver credible consumer communications.



We run robust assessments that examine the validity of a brand’s editorial output and product-related content. This includes all marketing and advertising.



We provide training to equip and empower brands to build credibility into all aspects of their business.



We collaborate with brands to develop agile solutions to adapt to the changing regulatory environment. Each year we review our accredited brands and conduct spot-checks too.



Awarded to brands that reflect our authenticity-driven values, The WellSpoken Mark reflects credibility, reliability and trustworthiness.



Our annual intelligence reports offer key consumer insights, regulatory news and up-to-date analyses of the wellness industry.



We facilitate networking opportunities to further the conversation on maintaining a high industry standard.

Our partners

The WellSpoken council

The council helps drive meaningful change regarding how the WellSpoken Mark operates, both for the public and for wellness brands. Read more on who is part of the council here.

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